If you want to know the truth about Jesus,
you might be surprised
This CD will take you on a journey. If you've ever felt alone and need a friend to walk with you, this CD is for you. In between many of the songs you will hear a portion of my story that is told throughout the CD. Hear how God can take a broken life and and make it beautiful. ​ You are not alone, Come Be With Me and let's share our journey together.
Whatever You Ask 
A New Name
Lookin' For Ya
Come Be With Me
Face to Face
You Are Precious
Three In One
Magical King
So Wonderful
With All My Heart
Creator (Long Version)
"Come Be With Me" 

 You can buy any of the songs individually as a digital download or have the whole CD mailed to you. 
Story Part 4
Story Part 3
Story Part 2
Story Part 1
Story Part 5
Story Part 7
Story Part 6