If you want to know the truth about Jesus,
you might be surprised
You can buy any of the songs individually as a digital download or have the whole CD mailed to you. Listen to song clips below.

Aching For You

Soaking In Psalm 139

Love Breaks Through

I Am Loved

Soaking In Psalm 23

Safe To Bloom  

​​​Sufficient One

Soaking In Psalm 91​​​​​​​​ 
"Love Breaks Through...
This CD will allow you to feel as though you are safely hidden in the womb of God.  If you've ever wondered who God is and what He thinks of you, or you're in a place of needing peace, this CD is for you. You will be immersed in God's presence as you soak in His passionate love for you.  So find a nice quiet place and set aside an hour of "me time" as you sing with the angels and walk with God through this epic worship experience.