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        Stephanie will be performing at                           Stephanie will be performing at
  Second Baptist Church Grace Fellowship
        April 5th 2014 10am-4pm                                    April 26th 2014 10am-4pm
        777 Public Safety Lane                                        2314 S. Greenwood Drive
        Clinton, TN 37716                                               Johnson City, TN 37604
        865-457-2046                                                      423-928-5601

April 16th 2014,
Click here to see Stephanie's new video "Words"

April 14, 2014
My new CD Rain Down is now available. I can't wait to share the songs that came to me in the night.  Lyrics and melodies filled my dreams, I hope you like the heavenly collaboration.

In the studio with Brian Tankersley, audio guru for Joel Osteen and Paul Mills, finishing up my new project Rain Down.    I started dreaming songs last year and it's turned into this very cool project.  I can't wait to share it with you.
​​My CD called, "Arise...Smooth Saxophone of Stephanie McKenna", is ready for release.  Click here to see Stephanie's new video


​I just finished 2 new videos from the new worship album, "Love Breaks Through". ​


I just returned from a cruise to Mexico with Chonda Pierce, and I'm hard at work on my soon to be released saxophone CD.​


Stephanie share's her miraculous story of being rescued from child sex slavery on Australian Radio network, also airing in Burma, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nepal, Pakistan, South Asia, S.E. Asia.  Click link to to hear interview.